Branding and Design
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Branding and Design


Your brand is defined by how your audience perceives your company, products and services. We start by understanding your purpose and what you uniquely provide your customers. We’ll then work with you to develop a branding strategy and move forward with the design and development of everything from your logo to your brochures. We’ll craft all the components of the brand you need to create the right perception that will move your audience to action.

Logo Design

Your brand starts with your logo. We’ll help you to create a logo and identity that is simple, professional and memorable. Whether your logo just needs a refresh or an overhaul, our experts will ensure that it is an effective representation of your brand.

Branding and Logo Design Sample
Corporate Identity Package Sample

Identity Package Design

You need an overall brand identity that integrated into every piece of your communications media. We’ll work with you to create an identity package that will go everywhere from business cards, letterheads and envelopes to signs, clothing and coffee mugs.

Print & Digital Advertising

Print is a viable mechanism of marketing. We’ll help you write ad copy and make sure that your advertising and marketing in print is integrated appropriately with your brand in digital and everywhere else. We’ll make sure your advertising is successful.

Print and Digital Advertising Sample
Print Collateral and Promotional Materials Samples

Print Collateral & Promotions

Our experienced designers will help you with your brochures, flyers, post-cards, posters and other print materials. We’ll ensure consistency across all forms of content. Every piece has a purpose, and we’ll make sure each lives up to that.

Large Format

Signage, billboards, large posters, tradeshow backdrops, banners and other forms of large format materials are all a part of a complete branding package. We’ll make sure that your large format print is well-designed and does what it is supposed to… turn heads.

Large Format Print Design Sample

Branding and Design Packages

  • Basic

  • $0/mo
    • Internal brand survey: 3 stakeholders
    • Competitive review: top 3 companies
    • Logo design: 3 choices, 3 reviews
    • Business cards: 2 choices, 2 reviews
    • Letterhead: 2 choices, 2 reviews
    • Brand standards document: 1 page
    • * Printing is quoted separately

  • Pro

  • $0/mo
    • Internal brand survey: 8 stakeholders
    • Customer brand survey: 5 customers
    • Competitive review: top 6 companies
    • Brand discovery report: 6 pages
    • Logo design: 6 choices, 5 reviews
    • Business cards: 4 choices, 3 reviews
    • Letterhead: 4 choices, 3 reviews
    • Brand standards document: 4 pages
    • Company tagline: 3 choices, 2 reviews
    • Brochure/flyer design and copy: 1 double-sided page
    • Signage and banner setup: 1
    • Misc materials format: 6 items
    • * Printing is quoted separately

  • Premium

  • $0/mo
    • Internal brand survey: 12+ stakeholders
    • Customer brand survey: 20+ customers
    • Competitive review: top 12 companies
    • Brand discovery report: 10+ pages
    • Logo design: 6+ choices, 5+ reviews
    • Business cards: 4+ choices, 3+ reviews
    • Letterhead: 4+ choices, 3+ reviews
    • Brand standards document: 8+ pages
    • Company tagline: 6 choices, 4 reviews
    • Brochure design and copy: 6-12 pages
    • Signage and banner setup: 3+
    • Misc materials format: 12 items
    • Tradeshow backdrop or large format: 1
    • Large format poster: 1
    • Flyer template: 1
    • * Printing is quoted separately

We also provide custom graphic design and branding services.

Branding and Design Process


Competitive Analysis

Brand Survey

Brand Research and Report


Logo Designs

Brand Messaging

Style Design and Approach


Materials Design

Production-Ready Artwork

Brand Standards Document

Print Management

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