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Protect the Planet

Branding and Design
graphic design, video production, web design, website development


The organizational mission was to make caring for the earth a part of everyday life. They needed to rebrand the organization to create a recognizable brand and to support communications, outreach, education, membership and events.



We created a new brand identity by developing a new logo design with a rebrand of the organization to align the image of the company with their mission and ability to effectively communicate with target audiences. We created a corporate identity package along with supporting collateral design and communication materials, including a website, flyers, posters, banners, membership cards, and more.



The organization successfully executed a multitude of events with attendance that exceeded expectations. They also reached goals for members to pledge their commitment to taking care of the earth. Throughout the campaign, the organization continued to yield success in its outreach and education projects. Seeing the success of the organization, other non-profit and governmental groups began adopting the brand and strategies into their own efforts, amplifying the success of Protect the Planet’s mission.